West Coast Oyster Farms Tour

- Saldanha Bay -

Tour Saldanha Bay Oyster Farms in one of our working vessels, and learn how West Coast oysters are typically harvested.  Join our tour guide and skipper as they disembark next to our raft (moored out in the Bay), and enjoy a glass of bubbly and freshly shucked oysters while relaxing and soaking in this memorable experience.


Minimum 4 people, and maximum 8 people per trip.

(2 PAX only to pay equivalent of 4 PAX, due to costs of staff, fuel, bubbly and condiments and time. A benefit is feasting on all the oysters and Bubbly which would usually be shared between 4 people ;)

Park your car next to where you will embark and disembark at the jetty in Pepper Bay.

Search location using Google Maps: Blue Sapphire Pearls


R500 per person (Children under 10 half price)


Plenty freshly harvested oysters & glass of Bubbly pp.

Approximately 90 minutes are gobbled up for Educational and Fun boat trip around the farms, we demonstrate oyster harvesting and disembark on our raft to enjoy delicious Oysters and MCC picnic, moored in the middle of the oyster farm, in the sheltered Inner Bay.

Oysters are opened for you & you have the opportunity to LEARN to shuck your own if you're keen :)

Additional Oysters to take home.... These can be purchased at WHOLESALE price from our factory(unopened). These you would need to shuck yourself at home, but having had a lesson during the boat trip, you will be able to do so easily. (We teach an easy cheat method!) We sell oyster shucking tools as an option to practice your newly acquired skills.


People prone to seasickness....? (Please medicate if needed, beforehand)

Bring along windbreaker jacket / beanie / scarf for warmth, even if the weather forecast is perfect, the wind could pick up at any time which can spoil the outing for shivering passengers on board.

Bring your partner even if he / she doesn't eat oysters, the amazing experience may just have them try their first oyster! There's no better setting and experience for this to happen.

Call or whatsapp to book a trip, we design the tour around your available dates:

Lisa: 082 572 9833