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My best friend's name is FLOW..........

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My visit to the breath-taking paradise island of Bali just off Indonesia a few years ago left a deep impression on my psyche and my soul. I came away with one profound word... FLOW. I experienced flow in their culture like nowhere else on the globe since. Everything flows there, and by that I mean it just works.

Their roads are crammed with vehicles, and hardly any road rules, but they navigate with little horns beeping and no upsets, all just flowing in from side-roads, no entitlements, no ego flairs and NO road rages or any drama. It's like magic, and I managed to drive their roads and join in the flow perfectly fine. I've carried "flow" with me ever since. Maybe after recognising and meeting it so profoundly in their culture and beauty,flow has been carrying me?

FLOW is the magical ingredient every human being should experience for themselves, but yikes... next it might turn into a man-made religion and that's not where I'm going with this. It's a paradox, when you want flow in your life, it evades you. When you have flow with ease, you almost don't realise you're in THE perfect zone. The sweet spot. Your happy place. Because everything is going right, right? And life is easy and breezy, and beautiful. Effortless. Synchronicity. Calm. Sorted. Tranquil.

           "When you want flow in your life, it evades you. When you have flow with ease, you don't realize it."

FLOW is encountered in every conceivable sphere of daily nitty-gritty life around us....

It's the air swirling around us, it's the water coming out of a tap when you turn it on, it's the electricity that activates whenever you choose to switch it "on"... it's the money coming into our hands and bank accounts and flows out again, as it should, because it's part of the flow, it comes back in again, and out again.... it's in the language we use habitually... the chats and conversations we have.. the roads we drive to take us to our home or destinations... busses, planes, taxi's, Uber....It's the same blood coursing through all our human veins that carry oxygen and vital processes to have us be alive and thriving... It's the variety of emotions we feel when we experience inner and outer stimuli through visual, touch, smell, hearing, memories, nostalgia, missings, musings, mad attacks of the funny-bone, the necessary deep healings required, old hurts, feelings of compassion, heroic actions in the moment... and so much more in this rich tapestry we experience as life. Flow is how we live in every moment in the great Ether, while picking up intuitive messages, knowings and guidance... and there's so much more we know absolutely nothing about.... yet.

Flow is my spur-of-the-moment impulse driven nature, spontaneous like a child and sheeewwww.... I love it!! Flow says "Let's rest, let's play, let's do, let's go, let's be, let's find, let's make, let's give, let's allow, let's receive, let's care, let's love, let's show...."

Looking at an oyster, one sees an unattractive pre-historic hard oddly shaped behemoth knowing that inside there abides a very yummy morsel, just waiting for the contents of it's ocean tasting treasures to be savoured. Little known to some of us humans, the oyster is a mollusk, it is also called a bi-valve, this being it's best function, apart from having been the top item on the coastal hunter-gatherer's food-yummyness list many many moons ago. The bi-valve is literally that. The average sized oyster's two valves pump the equivalent of 200 liters of water per HOUR of it's life. It literally filters the water and ingests plankton and minerals at the same time. Yes, oysters work with a lot of FLOW it would seem.

When an oyster is out of the water (they are also inter-tidal), they keep themselves tightly closed. While they are happy at a nicely chilled temperature, they will stay happy and contented until they are submerged back in the sea again. These delicious critters know how to go with the flow!

Knowing the next points about oysters, you really know they go with the flow...!!!! These mollusks are able to adapt themselves to be male or female at any time as is needed. Yup... and kudos to these guys and girls, their orientation choices will ensure that numbers for optimum fertilization and continuance of their species is always paramount and sorted, in the bag so to speak.

Even when threatened by red tide, oysters are impervious to the toxins (DSP and / or PSP) they are filtering through their systems from the water. Once the blooming plankton dies off and the sea's temperatures return to normal again, the oysters simply purge the toxins out of their tissues until they are clear of it, and we get to safely indulge in these delicate and delicious morsels of pure living Chi.

Flow is life-giving nectar. It exists in every sphere of life, it is the circle of life, after endings there are new beginnings, and those circle round to their endings, and all aspects of living has a chance to birth, die and re-birth again. Flow is what makes the world go round. Therefore, the saying that money makes the world go round, is true! Money flows! Does stagnant water flow? No. Does stagnant money grow? No. Therefore love makes the world go round, kindness and generosity. Abundance of life and goodwill exists everywhere in and around us, in nature, and we just need to look in the mirror and see it before us, we have it in us. Each and every one of us IS FLOW. We are one.

Now go and observe, and enjoy your flow :-)

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