"We don't sell oysters, we sell an experience"

"What if....?" This must be the GREATEST question in the WORLD!

Posted by Lisa on Thursday, November 3, 2016 Under: Johannesburg
The question of "what if..." is what brought me to Johannesburg.

What if I can expand my business into Jhb. It was such a tempting idea and after considering it for about a day, I decided to take the journey and only stop the process of relocating here should things NOT line up. But, everything lined up. Accommodation, schooling and work opportunities booked in advance even, and I had some resources saved up to sustain me for several months while I found my feet.

Had I known it would be several months before I got a firm enough footing here, I would have been daunted and perhaps even have bailed on my plans and stayed in Cape Town. But life has a wonderful way of not giving us this information in advance. That would be too easy and we wouldn't grow and stretch half as much as when things feel like they are going seriously pear. Arriving in a new city at the start of winter with what South Africans considered a predominantly summer product, which lead me to really starting my business all over again. From scratch. Zero is what it felt like in so many ways. My talents for digging up information were given a fresh airing. Getting snubbed many times had me tasting some humble pie (and not such a bad thing!).

The theme of "What if..." became my constant mantra, keeping me going, looking, talking to people, asking questions, listening, getting creative, staying open, signing up for a 9 week online course to learn about the magic of money, drawing my mind maps for my business, learning, learning learning. Learning that nothing is impossible.

The classic saying "Put your big-girl panties on and get up and get going!! ....means: Show up. Every day. Take responsibility, And keep your word".

The next questions arise: Where to from here? What do my customers really need and want? What can I add to their current experience to make it unforgettable? What will have them come back for more?

The answer that follows..... starts with: "What if....." after all, anything is possible :-)

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